The revolutionary Signia Xperience platform with the worldG??s first acoustic-motion sensors gives hearing aids a new sense to understand what their wearer really needs to hear.


Performance Levels

Audiology 7X 5X 3X

YourSound Technology

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Redesigned acoustic sensors plus an integrated motion sensor provide detailed information about where the wearers are and what they are doing. Dynamic Soundscape Processing and Own Voice Processing (OVPG??), process this information delivering the most natural and personalized sound.

Acoustic Sensors

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The redesigned acoustic sensors can detect more variables of sound than ever before, providing more accurate information about the environment.

Motion Sensor

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An integrated motion sensor detects whether the wearer is walking, running or not. This information is used for Dynamic Soundscape Processing.

Dynamic Soundscape Processing

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Steers Sound Clarity and Sound Quality features for natural sound and speech in every situation from any direction, even when moving.

OVPG?? (Own Voice Processing)

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Own Voice Processing (OVPG??) utilizes real-time recognition of the wearerG??s voice to deliver a natural own-voice impression. Available for RIC/BTE devices with e2e wireless in binaural fittings.

Sound Clarity

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Sound Clarity provides lifelike sound which covers the full spectrum of wearing situations.

Speech Quality

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Speech Quality delivers improved speech understanding and communication ease in noise.

User Interaction

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Technically inclined wearers may appreciate having extra control over their hearing aids. Signia Xperience hearing aids offer these wearers a comprehensive range of adjustment options via the Signia app.

Direct Streaming

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Signia Xperience hearing aids can be connected directly to Apple devices for phone calls and audio streaming G?? without additional accessories. For Android devices the StreamLine Mic accessory makes streaming easy. The StreamLine TV accessory sends high quality stereo sound from the wearer’s TV directly to the Xperience hearing aids. Available for Bluetooth enabled fittings.
Remote hearing care


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TeleCare provides remote services including additional tools to follow-up the patients within the whole journey, beginning with pre-appointment and even continuing after purchase. It contributes to a more successful trial phase and ensures higher flexibility. In addition, the user engagement and autonomy during this whole journey will be increased via the Signia app.

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